Cover the Plain Concrete in Your Garage

Turn to our epoxy floor company in Evansville, IN

Want smooth epoxy to cover up your garage floors? 812 Garage Floors in Evansville, IN can install your new floors. We're a family- and veteran-owned company that's here to serve you. Our installation crew pays close attention to every detail of our epoxy floor services. Customer service is our top priority, and we can complete most epoxy jobs in as little as one day.

Call 812-205-4876 now to connect with our epoxy floor company. We're glad to offer free in-person estimates.

Providing unbeatable service during your installation

If you want epoxy floor services, you can't go wrong with our experienced team. Whether you want epoxy flake floors or metallic epoxy floors, our epoxy floor company will install your new floors properly. Choosing us is a great decision because we:

  • Complete installations in as little as one day
  • Provide a secure trailer to store your belongings in
  • Factory trained installers

We'll gladly let you use our trailer to store any belongings while we're working on your floors. You can even keep it for a few days while we finish to upgrade your space. View our Gallery page now to see some of our completed work.

3 benefits of our epoxy products

Excellent craftsmanship is necessary to create a durable and smooth epoxy floor, but the quality of the products used is just as important. We use a hypoallergenic, hygienic and easy-to-clean epoxy that withstands all kinds of conditions. Our epoxy:


Resists chemicals like gasoline and oil


Can withstand up to 8 pounds of MVE (Moisture Vapor Emissions)


Doesn't allow oils or household chemicals to stain the floor

What You Can Expect

812 Garage Floors offers the largest variety of flooring colors and styles. Whether you're looking to brighten up your garage with a bold solid, create a terrazzo or granite look with a flake floor, or wow everyone with a metallic epoxy, you're sure to find a floor that fits you and your taste. Long lasting epoxy floor coatings from 812 Garage Floors will enhance the look of your garage, while making it easy to clean.

We understand that selecting the appropriate flooring can be overwhelming. 812 Garage Floors will help you find the right flooring option to fit your space and budget. 812 Garage Floors offers a wide variety of commercial floor coatings to fit any floor type.

What we Offer

  • Crack and Joint Repair
    One of the keys to a long-lasting epoxy floor is proper preparation and repair of the flaws in the original surface. We prepare the concrete by grinding the surface and repair any open cracks, joints or surface imperfections with our epoxy repair products, which are specifically designed for the repair of concrete cracks.

  • No Peeling or Flaking
    812 Garage Floors epoxy flooring systems are built on our direct-to-concrete epoxy that fuses deep into the concrete, and bonds so well that you get over 8lbs of moisture vapor emission blocking power. With up to 3 times more adhesion than other epoxy and polyaspartic coatings, they will not peel or flake -period!

  • Maintenance Free
    Scuffs and stains will be a thing of the past when you install one of our decorative epoxy flooring systems. By incorporating a multi-colored finish in the completed flooring project, you and your staff will enjoy an easy to clean surface that leaves your commercial space looking pristine.
  • All of the 812 Garage Floors systems start with a proprietary epoxy primer that fuses deep into the concrete to provide adhesion that is three times stronger than typical epoxy systems.

    Our epoxy is sure to last and hold up against strenuous conditions. If you have any questions about our epoxy products, reach out to our epoxy floor company today.