Enhance Your Floors in Evansville, IN

Count on us for your metallic epoxy floor installation

Hard concrete isn't the best choice for every space. If you want new floors for your commercial kitchen, salon, show car garage or any space in your home, choose 812 Garage Floors for metallic epoxy floor installation services. We'll install high-quality epoxy floors that you can maintain easily. These floors imitate smooth glass and shine brilliantly, and you can buff out any surface-level scratches.

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Our epoxy installation process

Your metallic epoxy floor installation will start with cleaning out your space to access your floors. Once you've stowed away your belongings in our on-site trailer, we'll:

Grind down the concrete with our specialized machinery
Ensure we have a flat surface for installation and seal remaining cracks
Install your new metallic epoxy flooring in a color of your choosing

After we complete your commercial floor installation, you'll have beautiful, shiny floors that make your space look amazing. If you're not sure what color floors to pick, we can help with design or work off of a Pinterest board you've made for your space. Email us now if you're ready to pick out colors for your new epoxy floor.

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Is a metallic epoxy floor right for you?

Picking the right floor for your space can be difficult. Thankfully, our residential and commercial floor installation experts are here to help you get the perfect floor for your building in the Evansville, IN area. You should consider a metallic epoxy floor installation if you want to:

  • Finish out your basement
  • Create a luxurious bathroom
  • Give your office a high-end feel

Our high-quality floors will elevate any space on your property. They have a stunning shiny finish and are easy to maintain, so they're the ideal option for commercial floor installations. Don't wait to add beautiful new flooring to your building. Call us now at 812-205-4876 to schedule a metallic epoxy floor installation.