Care and maintenance guide

General Care and Maintenance Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide general maintenance procedures for most of Flake floor systems. Please contact an experienced contractor for specific instructions for environments and or applications that are out of the ordinary.


Day to Day

  • Loose dirt, dust, and other debris can be removed by regular sweeping and /or vacuuming of the surface.

  • All spills should be cleaned up immediately to prevent chemical attack and staining in the topcoat sealer.

    As Needed

General cleaning of stubborn surface debris can be accomplished using a mild, environmentally safe soap solution in accordance with themanufacturer's instructions Harth detergent acid and alkali are not recommended as they can damage the surface.

Additional Recommendations

Hard water stains can be cleaned with a solution of 1 part by volume white vinegar with 3-5 parts by volume water.


Preservation of the coating system requires proper maintenance of the sealer. Normal wearing of the sealer coat exposes the underlying layers, which may wear, discolor, fade, and be subject to chemical attack. The sealer should be re-coated before wearing into the underlying layers.

Maintenance sealing will typically be needed from 6 months to 10 years depending upon environmental conditions and usage. It is recommended that the surface be resealed when the sealer thickness falls below 2 dry mils.

A trained contractor can aid in determining reseal needs and maintenance schedules.